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Is creating an account on Netbiz Career free?

Yes, absolutely! Creating an account on NetbizCareer.com is completely free for both job seekers and employers. We believe in providing a user-friendly and useful platform to connect employers with the best talent.

Do employers need to pay to access candidate profiles and post jobs?

Currently, all features on NetbizCareer.com are free for employers and candidates. There are no premium features offered at this time. Employers can access candidate profiles and post job openings for free on NetbizCareer.com. No hidden charges.

Building a Strong Employer Profile

How can employers build a strong profile on Netbiz Career?

By providing accurate information about their company, culture, and job offerings, employers can build a compelling profile by adding details about the company’s values, mission, and benefits, offering competitive pay, and ensuring timely payment is crucial. Paying your employees on time creates a positive impression and builds trust, which can attract qualified candidates.


How does the job-matching feature work?

When you post a job, our platform utilizes advanced algorithms to match your job opening with relevant talents in the specified sector. This ensures that your job reaches the right candidates who possess the necessary skills and qualifications.

Can I monitor the performance of my job posts?

Absolutely! You can monitor the performance of your job posts directly from your account dashboard on NetbizCareer.com. This feature provides valuable insights into how your job postings are performing. You’ll have access to various metrics, including:

  1. Job Post Engagement: This metric tracks how many users have viewed your job post.
  2. Number of Applications: Keep tabs on the number of candidates who have applied to your job opening.
  3. Meetings Scheduled: Monitor the number of meetings or interviews that have been scheduled as a result of your job post.
  4. Messages Exchanged: Track the volume of messages and communications that have occurred between you and potential candidates.
  5. Other Relevant Data: Depending on the specifics of your job post, you might also have access to additional metrics that provide further insights into its performance.

This information empowers you to assess the effectiveness of your job posts, make data-driven decisions to improve your hiring strategy, and fine-tune your approach to attract the right candidates. Your account dashboard is your central hub for managing and optimizing your recruitment efforts.


Can I directly contact candidates?

Yes, as an employer registered on NetbizCareer.com, you can directly contact candidates through their profiles. This direct interaction fosters better understanding and engagement, making the hiring process more effective and efficient. Remember to keep the communication focused on the job opportunity and related matters to ensure a productive dialogue. And follows the platform’s safety guidelines.

When. Reaching out to candidates, we recommend maintaining professionalism and providing clear information about the job position, responsibilities, and expectations. It’s also a good practice to respect candidates’ privacy and only use the provided communication channels within the platform. ensures a safe and transparent interaction for both employers and candidates.

Remember, effective communication plays a vital role in building positive relationships with potential candidates, and keeping the conversation relevant and respectful contributes to a successful hiring process.

candidate’s skills and experience. Effective communication plays a crucial role in building a strong connection with candidates and ensuring a successful hiring process.



Can I manually search for talent?

Yes, you have the option to manually search for talent by entering specific keywords, skills, experience levels, and other criteria. This allows you to proactively find candidates who match your requirements.


Talents/Job Seekers

How can I ensure a safe job search?

NetbizCareer.com prioritizes your safety during the job search process. Learn more about job search safety measures in the Safety Tips for Job Seekers section.

What are some guidelines for successful job applications and interviews?

NetbizCareer.com provides valuable application and interview guidelines to enhance your job search success. You can find these in the Application and Interview Tips section.


When should I expect to get paid?

When you can expect to receive payment depends on the agreement you have with your employer. Generally, payment schedules fall into three common frequencies: weekly, every two weeks, or monthly. It’s essential to clarify this arrangement with your employer upfront to avoid any misunderstandings.

We do advise that, especially when starting a new job, you consider requesting weekly payments. Opting for a weekly payment schedule can help mitigate the risk associated with working for a new employer. This approach ensures you receive compensation more frequently, providing you with a more immediate understanding of the employer’s reliability.

Open communication about payment terms is crucial to establishing a successful working relationship. Make sure to discuss and finalize the payment schedule with your employer before you begin your work to ensure a smooth and transparent payment process.


What if an employer doesn't honor payment agreements?

If an employer fails to honor the payment agreements that were mutually established, NetbizCareer.com is committed to assisting both workers and employers in resolving salary disputes. Our platform serves as a mediator in such disagreements, aiming to provide a fair and equitable solution that accommodates the interests of both parties.

It’s important to note that most disputes arise when an employer is dissatisfied with the quality of work performed by a worker. The key principle here is that if you consistently deliver good quality work, you rightfully deserve to be paid for your efforts.

However, in cases where an employer does not meet their payment obligations, we encourage you not to proceed with additional work until you have received the compensation owed to you. Your commitment and hard work deserve fair compensation, and your rights as a worker should be respected.

Should you find yourself in a situation where payment agreements are not being upheld, please report the issue to NetbizCareer.com by sending an email to the provided address. Include all relevant details to help us understand the situation better and work towards a resolution. We are dedicated to creating the safest and most reliable environment for both workers and employers on our platform.


Can I find job offers to work abroad?

Yes, you can use the Sponsorship filter to find job positions with Work Visa Sponsorship options. Ensure safety by verifying the credibility of employers and agencies associated with such positions. Learn Guidelines and Tips on Ensuring Safety in Work Visa Sponsorship.

How can I receive my salary securely?

We understand the importance of receiving your hard-earned salary securely. On NetbizCareer.com, employers pay workers directly, and we don’t intervene in the payment process or charge any percentage-based fees. Here are some secure payment methods we recommend for receiving your salary.


  1. PayPal: Created a PayPal account using accurate and up-to-date information. Share your PayPal email address with your employer, and ensure they send the payment as “Goods and Services” to avail of PayPal’s buyer and seller protection features. You can withdraw it to your linked bank account.
  2. Payoneer: Sign up for a free Payoneer account with the correct personal details. Share your Payoneer account receiving details with your employer. When your salary is sent, you’ll receive a notification. Log in to your Payoneer account to access the funds, and from there, you can withdraw to your linked bank account, use a prepaid Mastercard, or make online transactions.
  3. Venmo: If you’re based in the US and using Venmo, create an account with accurate information. Share your Venmo username or associated phone number with your employer. Keep your transactions private by adjusting your settings to control who can see your payment activity.
  4. Western Union: Provide your employer with your necessary identification details. (such as your full name, mobile phone, country and zip code) Your employer can visit a Western Union location or use their online platform to initiate the transfer. You’ll receive a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) from your employer once the payment is sent Use this number and ID to collect the funds from a nearby Western Union location, following their secure verification process.
  5. MoneyGram: Share your identification details with your employer. Your employer can visit a MoneyGram location or use their online platform to send the payment. You’ll receive a reference number upon successful payment initiation. Present this number along with your identification at a MoneyGram location to receive your salary.

Remember, we never take a percentage of your salary payments, and payment terms are decided solely between you and your employer. For your protection, do not share your personal or financial information, such as bank details, with anyone on the platform. Choose the payment method that aligns with your preferences and location. Your financial safety is a priority, And these options ensure reliable and protected transactions.

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